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European cohesion

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May 2024
Lunch debate: Young visions for Europe
Europe talks
In the face of ongoing crises, young people need to be prominently involved in political processes that will determine especially their future. Shortly before the elections on 9 June, 2024, young candidates discussed their different visions for Europe.
20 years of eastward enlargement - a landmark anniversary
From 15 to 25: on 1 May 2004, ten countries and 75 million people joined the EU. To mark the 20th anniversary, the IEP looks back on debates about the historic enlargement round, some of which have great similarities to contemporary discussions.
January 2024
Final Report of the Spinelli Forum 2023
Spinelli Forum
The final report presents innovative recommendations for action on current European political challenges. They result from intensive discussions among German and Italian participants of the Spinelli Forum 2023.
December 2023 June 2023
How disinformation can threaten climate change policy in the EU
In the age of social media, disinformation endangers the resilience of democracies. It also affects discussions about climate change. Experts debated the causes, major players, difficulties, and solutions to disinformation during a public debate.
December 2022 July 2022 May 2022
Momentum for change: How to proceed with the results of the Conference on the Future of Europe
Europe talks
On May 9, 2022, the Conference on the Future of Europe concluded with European citizens presenting their proposals. Now, it is up to policymakers at all levels to set the course for implementing the ideas.
April 2022 December 2021 April 2021
Disoriented on the world stage? The EU's foreign policy between China, Russia and the USA
Civil Dialogues
Wie viel europäische Autonomie ist notwendig und wie sollte sich die EU international positionieren? Funda Tekin, IEP, und David McAllister, CDU Auswärtiger Ausschuss haben über die Herausforderungen und Perspektiven für eine wirkungsvollere EU-Außenpolitik diskutiert.
October 2020 August 2020
Corona - State - Europe: Lessons for European cooperation
Civil Dialogues
The crisis management of the EU during the Corona pandemic was discussed by Katarina Barley, Peter Clever and Ulrich Silberbach. There was also an outlook on the upcoming EU Council Presidency and its priorities.
July 2020
Online citizens' dialogue: Better together in the center of Europe
Civil Dialogues
The current living together in the border area Saxony, Poland, Czech Republic was discussed by Anna Cavazzini, MEP, and Marek Prawda, European Commission. The necessity of bilateral relations and the current situation in Poland were central topics.
June 2020
Communication in Europe - Strengthening citizenship and town twinning in the EU!
Civil Dialogues
Peter Kleine, Mayor of Weimar, and Jochen Butt-Posnik, Europe for Citizens, discussed town twinning and its funding opportunities at EU level. These partnerships can establish a living exchange that reduces prejudices and promotes dialogue.