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Yearbook snap shot: The public opinion


Dr Thomas Petersen sheds light on how the state of the economy affects the EU's reputation and whether the Polish population is as EU-sceptical as its government. In the video interview he gives an insight into his analyses.

Public opinion has a significant impact on the European integration process. Political decision-makers can hardly take measures to promote integration if the population does not agree with them. Petersen’s article shows how public opinion on the EU has developed over the past year.

In the interview, Petersen provides insight into how the social standing in the EU has developed over the past year. "One should not confuse the Polish government with the Polish population," he emphasises with regard to the mood in Poland. More detailed analyses on the topic can be read in his yearbook contribution "Public Opinion" (in German).

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About the Yearbook of European Integration project: How is the EU dealing with current crises? In which direction is European integration heading? What has happened in Brussels and the member states in the last year? The Yearbook of European Integration has been answering these questions annually since 1980.

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