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RESILIO – Resilience observatory on the rule of law in Europe

denhans / Photocase
denhans / Photocase

Why are some democracies in the EU more resilient to the regressing rule of law than others? IEP will assess the resilience of all 27 member states using a systematic analytical framework in order to deliver counterstrategies to the regression of the rule of law.


Democracy and the rule of law, the pillars of the European Union, are under pressure. In particular, recent developments in Hungary and Poland reveal a conflict unfolding over the identity of the EU as a community of law as well as the threat it poses to EU cohesion. At the same time, many member states in the EU resist autocratic tendencies, with preconditions not immediately apparent.

Developing recommendations and concrete counterstrategies requires a better understanding of resilience factors against democratic backsliding. With "RESILIO - Resilience observatory on the rule of law in Europe", IEP would like to contribute their part both at the analytical as well as politically practical, strategic level.

While applying a new, interdisciplinary approach within RESILIO, IEP will identify underlying institutional and structural factors contributing to the resilience of the rule of law in a comparative perspective as well as offer ideas how to measure them. The main objective is to promote a greater understanding of the resilience of the rule of law among decision-makers in politics and public administration in Germany, other EU member states and EU institutions. IEP also aims to raise awareness about risks and new challenges regarding the lapse of the rule of law. Based on this information, IEP will develop strategies to prevent democratic backsliding and strengthen the resilience of the rule of law. At the same time, IEP contributes to the moderation of the often-politicized debate on the rule of law in the EU.

Pursuing an interdisciplinary approach, the project will actively involve renowned legal scholars, political scientists, historians and representatives of civil society.

"RESILIO" is funded by Stiftung Mercator.


Duration: 01 January 2022 – 30 June 2024
Image copyright: denhans / Photocase