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RESILIO in Berlin: Testing resilience. The rule of law after the EP elections

IEP / Nailya Bikmurzina
IEP / Nailya Bikmurzina

The successful presentation of the RESILIO results in Brussels was followed by a panel discussion in Berlin. Our Snapshot and country analysis authors also contributed their valuable expertise on the resilience of the rule of law after the EP elections.

What challenges and opportunities will the EU face in the next legislative period after the EP elections in 2024? And what consequences will the result have for the efforts to strengthen the rule of law in the EU? We discussed these questions in Berlin on 25 April in the context of the RESILIO results.

Before our panel debate in the evening, our experts discussed several solutions to existing problems concerning civil society, media pluralism, electoral integrity and the EU instruments for the rule of law during a closed workshop. Solutions which focused on the following:

  • A reorientation of suspended EU funds towards support for civil society and the media;
  • Communication campaigns at national level to explain and categorise the EU sanctions for the domestic audience;
  • Simplification of the European Commission's intervention in competition matters when national competition authorities are captured.

But also critical questions were discussed – for instance, those about the potential competence of the EU to regulate national elections. These considerations serve the purpose of developing the RESILIO Toolbox: a collection of ideas on how to invest in rule of law resilience in the EU, in addition to the existing tools and measures for defending the rule of law itself.

We would like to thank the Mercator Foundation and the CERV programme for their support for this very successful event.

  • RESILIO workshop in the ProjektZentrum of the Mercator-Stiftung

  • Prof Dr Funda Tekin, Director of IEP, opens the evening panel discussion

  • Mira LUTHE-XU, Project Manager at Stiftung Mercator, welcomes the guests

  • Dr Tero LUNDSTEDT, Content Director at Libera Foundation and RESILIO Country Rapporteur

  • Zsuzsanna Végh, Fellow, German Marshall Fund, Hungary

  • York Albrecht, Research Associate, Institut für Europäische Politik

  • Dr Maria Skóra, RESILIO Lead Researcher, Institut für Europäische Politik

  • Reception & Networking

Team & authors

About the RESILIO – Resilience observatory on the rule of law in Europe project: Why are some democracies in the EU more resilient to the regressing rule of law than others? IEP will assess the resilience of all 27 member states using a systematic analytical framework in order to deliver counterstrategies to the regression of the rule of law.

Image copyright: IEP / Nailya Bikmurzina, denhans / Photocase