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RESILIO in Berlin: Testing resilience. The rule of law after EP elections

denhans / Photocase
denhans / Photocase

The EU has been tackling the rule of law erosion with diverse measures. What challenges and opportunities will it face in the next legislative period, after 2024 EP election? We will look for answers on 25 April in Berlin.

Thursday, 25 April 2024 06:00 pm – Thursday, 25 April 2024 08:00 pm

This event is in the past.

After a successful launch in Brussels, the RESILIO results will now be presented at a public debate in Berlin called Testing resilience: challenges and opportunities for the rule of law after 2024 EP elections, taking place on Thursday, 25 April 2024 from 6.00 pm till 8.00 pm, at the ProjektZentrum Stiftung Mercator, Neue Promenade 6, 10178 Berlin.

The event will host Dr Anna Lührmann, Minister of State for Europe and Climate and RESILIO researchers: Dr Maria Skóra and York Albrecht from the Institut für Europäische Politik, and will be moderated by Dr Linn Selle, President of the European Movement Germany. We will also hear from our international guests who actively contributed to the project as RESILIO Country Rapporteurs and authors of the Snapshot series.

The debate will focus on the results of a two-year-long research exploring rule of law resilience. Taking the RESILIO study results and insights from individual country studies as food for thought, the focus of the debate is to identify challenges and outline ideas for strengthening the rule of law across the EU in the next legislative period. Printed copies of the report will be available at the location.

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The registration deadline for the event has expired. If you would still like to take part, please write to

“RESILIO: Resilience observatory on the rule of law in Europe” is funded by Stiftung Mercator and the CERV programme of the European Commission, and implemented by the Institut für Europäische Politik.


About the RESILIO – Resilience observatory on the rule of law in Europe project: Why are some democracies in the EU more resilient to the regressing rule of law than others? IEP will assess the resilience of all 27 member states using a systematic analytical framework in order to deliver counterstrategies to the regression of the rule of law.

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