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Background paper II: Challenges of dismantling the rule of law in Hungary

Dale Pike / Unsplash
Dale Pike / Unsplash

Hungary's dismantling of the rule of law is not only presenting the EU with ever new problems. The German government, too, is challenged to react more strongly to Hungary's autocratization under the impression of the “Zeitenwende”.

"Crony state capitalism”, “autocratization” or "illiberalism" are buzzwords that come up more and more frequently with regard to Hungary. The challenges are enormous, whether for the European legal community or for bilateral German-Hungarian relations.

This second background paper "Challenges by Dismantling the Rule of Law in Hungary" presents problems that Hungary's increasing autocratization poses for Germany and the EU. These include Hungary's close ties to Russia, the dismantling of a rule-based (international) order, the role model function of illiberalism, or the indirect financing of corruption and oligarchy by international donors. In addition, the paper provides an overview of the current preventive and corrective instruments of the EU to uphold the rule of law.

The goal of the OSF-funded project "Ungarn neu denken − rethink Hungary" is to raise awareness among stakeholders from politics, business and civil society in Germany about the democratic regression in Hungary. This paper has summarized the discussion results of the project’s first workshop for the discussions in the second workshop.

Team & authors

About the Ungarn neu denken – rethink Hungary project: The relationship between the EU and Hungary is strained because of the situation regarding the rule of law. What is Germany's role in this after the "Zeitenwende"? The IEP is creating a dialog format for German stakeholders from politics, business and civil society.

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