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European elections: IEP colleagues in the media

TEUC 2024 /Juris Ross
TEUC 2024 /Juris Ross

In the run-up to and aftermath of the European elections, IEP employees gave interviews and shared their expertise. Here is an overview.

Nemetschek Foundation, On the future of the EU, 17 June 2024

In an interview for the Nemetschek Foundation, York Albrecht, Research Associate, analyses the results of the EU elections and possible consequences for the member states.

The interview is available here: Interview Nemetschek Foundation

RevDem, "A decade of rule of law backsliding", 12 June 2024

In her article "A decade of rule of law backsliding: Lessons learnt for the next EU legislative period" for the online journal "The Review of Demoacrcy" (RevDem), Maria Skóra looks back on the rule of law developments in the EU in recent years and identifies tasks for the new legislative period.

The whole article is freely available here: Article RevDem

Al Jazeera, "European Parliament at crossroads as right-wing parties triumph in EU vote", 12 June 2024

In her article, Federica Marsi takes stock of the European elections and the shift to the right in the European Parliament. York Albrecht, Research Associate, analyses the election results in Germany.

The full analysis is available here: Al Jazeera article

Merkur, "He is afraid", 10 June 2024

In his article "'He's scared': What Macron's re-election means for France and Europe", Moritz Maier analyses the possible effects of the new elections in France and quotes IEP Director Funda Tekin.

The full article is available here: Article Merkur

Frankfurter Rundschau, "Peace and prosperity" instead of climate up front, 07 June 2024

In his article "Frieden und Wohlstand" statt Klima vorne - sogar bei den Grünen: Wie die Europawahl einen Wandel zeigt" Moritz Maier sheds light on the dominant campaign themes and quotes IEP Director Funda Tekin, who observes a shift in the most important issues.

The whole article is freely available here: Article Frankfurter Rundschau

Deutschlandfunk, In conversation, 01 June 2024

Director Funda Tekin was a guest on the Deutschlandfunk programme "Im Gespräch" on the topic of "EU elections in times of crisis: What kind of Europe do we want?"

The programme is available as a podcast here Programme Im Gespräch

Ruhr24, "Holland forms right-wing government", 24.05.2024

In the article, Magnus Hoppe looks at the new government in Holland, whose coalition also includes right-wing parties. York Albrecht, Research Associate, categorises the development in terms of its significance for the EU.

The full article is available here: Ruhr24 article

Parliament, "Because it's about something", 23 May 2024

In his article "Because it's about something", Stephan Balling describes the biggest campaign issues for the European elections and quotes Director Funda Tekin.

The whole article can be read for free here: Article Das Parlament

FluxFM, "Why the European elections are important", 06 May 2024

In the run-up to the EU elections, York Albrecht, Research Associate, gave an interview on Flux FM about the most important issues in the next legislative period.

Listen to the full interview here: Interview FluxFM

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