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Belarus Insights #5 – Young and highly qualified: Migration from Belarus


Since 2020, hundreds of thousands of Belarusians have emigrated to other countries, especially in Europe, in search of access to new labour markets. In which countries is this more successful than in others, and why? This is the topic in episode 5 of Belarus Insights.

Since the 2020 protests, arbitrary arrests have become a daily occurrence in Belarus. The resulting climate of fear has not least had an impact on the economy: countless people, but also companies, whose work has been made more difficult due to the sanctions imposed on Belarus, have left the country. However, many highly qualified migrants from Belarus face numerous challenges when entering new labour markets, such as the recognition of professional qualifications.

How homogeneous is the group of people who left Belarus after the protests against the Belarusian regime? What personal strategies do they pursue to integrate into the labour market of their host countries? What distinguishes them from refugees from Ukraine?

We address these and other questions in this episode of "Belarus Insights - Insights from the Outside" in conversation with Lev Lvovskiy, Fellow in the IEP project "VisiBYlity for Belarusian Democratic Actors". In his research, he examines and compares the strategies of Belarusian and Ukrainian migrants for successfully entering the labour market in their host countries.

Lev Lvovskiy holds a PhD in economics from the University of Iowa (USA) and works as the Academic Director of the Belarusian Economic Research and Outreach Centre (BEROC) in Vilnius.

Host: Laura Worsch – Research Associate at the IEP

The podcast was produced in cooperation with PODCAST.EINS. All podcast episodes are also available here:

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About the VisiBYlity for Belarusian democratic actors project: Capacity building, advocacy and research for more attention for the Belarusian diaspora in the German and European public: these are the core contents of VisiBYlity.

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