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NEXT4EU Exchange Visit in Berlin


Shortly after the elections to the European Parliament, representatives of Moldovan civil society visited Berlin for a networking visit and an exchange on Moldova's EU integration.

The political situation in Germany and other EU member states continues to be characterised by the continuous support for Ukraine against Russian aggression and the growing political extremes in the European party spectrum.

The talks during the NEXT4EU visit in Berlin showed the increased interest of German civil society in the pro-European reform efforts in the Republic of Moldova, which extend across all levels of social life, including the Moldovan public administration, the economy and the judicial system. These efforts are no easy task under the difficult circumstances, but the Republic of Moldova is in the process of increasing its resilience with the support of Germany, the EU and the Western supporting states. This includes diversification in the energy sector, support against disinformation and hybrid threats and the expansion of cooperation in the defence sector.

Nevertheless, reform efforts in the justice sector have not yet produced the desired tangible results and the Moldovan government has not yet succeeded in rallying the entire country behind the EU course. EU skepticism is widespread, for example in the autonomous region of Gagauzia. This also poses a challenge for the planned EU referendum in October 2024, which will be held in parallel with the first round of the presidential elections.

The exchange on questions of European political communication with European political organisations in Berlin created an opportunity for mutual learning, e.g. how to counter the growing disinformation. Discussions with political stakeholders in Berlin, as well as civil society dialogue in cooperation with the German-Moldovan Forum, offered the opportunity to integrate the concerns of Moldovan representatives into the German discourse on the Republic of Moldova.

  • Networking session with scientists of ZOiS

  • Networking sessions with Sina Laubenstein, ISD Germany

  • Exchange with Bernd Hüttemann, European Movement Germany (EBD)

  • Exchange with Dr Christian Johann, European Academy Berlin (EAB)

  • Meeting with Thomas Hacker, MoP

  • Exchange with Robert Sperfeld, Heinrich Böll Foundation

  • Meeting with Chantal Kopf, MoP

  • Meeting with MPs of the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Relations with Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania

  • Meeting with MPs of the Parliamentary Friendship Group for Relations with Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania under the Charimanship of Bernhard Herrmann

  • NEXT4EU Exchange Lab at the Bundestag in cooperation with the German-Moldovan Forum, chaired by MP Johannes Schraps

Team & authors

About the NEXT4EU: Young generation for EU integration project: The Republic of Moldova was officially designated as a candidate country for the European Union in June 2022.. The NEXT4EU project supports civil society in accompanying European reforms and especially the young generation in engaging in the integration process.

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