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EU-Turkey Bridge – A standing group on EU-Turkey relations

Eser Degirmencioglu / Unsplash
Eser Degirmencioglu / Unsplash

This bridge-building exercise aims to analyse the moving target “EU-Turkey relations” and assess the nature, drivers and challenges of the relationship. It will advice on how to avoid a full break-up and how to frame future relations and advocate for a post-crises narrative.

Relations between the European Union and Turkey remain crucially relevant. At the same time, they are complex and have become increasingly conflictual. In past years, the relationship has been on the verge of reaching the tipping point from a scenario of conflictual cooperation towards conflicts among increasingly distant neighbours.

The IEP, together with the Centre for Turkey and EU Studies (CETEUS), has founded the EU-Turkey Bridge to promote reflective exchange and networking on EU-Turkey relations.


B - uilding an academic, think tank and stakeholder community on EU-Turkey relations in the EU, Turkey and the neighbourhood.

R - esearching EU-Turkey relations based on an interdisciplinary approach (history, political, legal, economic and social sciences): with the aim to identify crucial questions and issues for analysis, assessment and advice.

I - nforming each other as well as the relevant academic, think tank and stakeholder community about historical and recent developments, fundamental and concrete challenges and short- and long-term opportunities in EU-Turkey relations.

D - ebating EU-Turkey relations with the aim to promote (counter-)narratives for framing the relationship in times of crises and beyond.

G - enerating a multidisciplinary and multigenerational platform for (regional) promoters of EU-Turkey relations.

E - xplaining and evaluating empirical evidence for assessment and advice to relevant stakeholders.

This Standing Group on EU-Turkey Relations is Co-chaired by Senem Aydin-Düzgit (IPC) and Funda Tekin (IEP) and composed of a board of its founding members and an extended network.

You can find further information in the mission statement.


Duration: 22 April 2021 – ongoing
Image copyright: Eser Degirmencioglu / Unsplash