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Policy Brief: The Future of Transactionalism in EU-Turkey Relations after the Elections in Turkey

Eser Degirmencioglu / Unsplash
Eser Degirmencioglu / Unsplash

After elections in Turkey, the EU will have to revamp the concept of transactionalism in the relationship by adding principles and values, and explore variable geometries Europe to the fullest. Read more in the Policy Brief by Funda Tekin and Ebru Turhan.

The winds of continuity are blowing through Turkey. Extending its rule to a third decade, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was re-elected as Turkey’s president after a tight race on 28 May 2023, while the AKP-led People’s Alliance garnered 322 out of 600 seats in the parliament.

Assoc. Prof. Dr Ebru Turhan and Dr Funda Tekin address the question what the likely consequences of the election results for EU-Turkey relations are and what kind of a Turkey policy should the European actors pursue in this ‘new’ era.

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About the EU-Turkey Bridge – A standing group on EU-Turkey relations project: This bridge-building exercise aims to analyse the moving target “EU-Turkey relations” and assess the nature, drivers and challenges of the relationship. It will advice on how to avoid a full break-up and how to frame future relations and advocate for a post-crises narrative.

Image copyright: Eser Degirmencioglu / Unsplash