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Anthology: "The EU-German-Turkish Triangle"

Eser Degirmencioglu / Unsplash
Eser Degirmencioglu / Unsplash

The anthology deconstructs the political discourse on EU-Turkey relations. It identifies the main perceptions and narratives of EU-Turkey-Germany relations in the countries, and at the EU level in Brussels.

In order to provide a sound assessment of EU-Turkey relations and their future prospects, this volume focuses on the triangular relationship between the bloc and Turkey on the one hand and the bilateral relations between Germany and Turkey on the other. Based on historical institutionalism, it starts from the assumption that a fundamental restructuring of EU-Turkey relations requires "critical turning points" that entail a "paradigm shift".

The analytical contributions aim to answer the general questions of whether and at what point a paradigm shift can be identified; if so, what are the driving factors of such a shift; and whether the narratives of EU-Turkey relations change over time.


Dr Funda Tekin

Anke Schönlau, M.A.

Including contributions by:

Esra Çengel, Atila Eralp, Denise Ersoy, Hanna-Lisa Hauge, Ebru Ece Özbey, Ardahan Özkan Gedikli, Moritz Rau, Anke Schönlau, Mirja Schröder, Nurdan Selay Bedir, Özgehan Şenyuva, Funda Tekin, Helena Weise und Wolfgang Wessels

Team & authors

About the EU-Turkey Bridge – A standing group on EU-Turkey relations project: This bridge-building exercise aims to analyse the moving target “EU-Turkey relations” and assess the nature, drivers and challenges of the relationship. It will advice on how to avoid a full break-up and how to frame future relations and advocate for a post-crises narrative.

ISSN/ISBN: 978-3-8487-8054-9, Open Access
Image copyright: Eser Degirmencioglu / Unsplash, Nomos