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German-Italian forum

Sajola / Photocase
Sajola / Photocase

The forum facilitates an open and continuous dialogue between Germany and Italy, even on controversial topics, between personalities from different scientific disciplines as well as from political, economic and cultural life.

Against the background of the ever closer integration of politics, the economy and society in both countries into European structures, current EU issues are traditionally at the centre of the meetings. Italy and Germany are considered important actors in ensuring and influencing the progress of the European integration process. On both sides, close integration into the European structures enjoys a high priority for their own actions. A continuous exchange of views and coordinated behaviour with "like-minded" partners will become even more important against the background of a constantly expanding Union. The German-Italian Discussion Forum offers an excellent platform for this.

The aim of the discussion forum, which was endorsed in 1988 by the then Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl and the Italian Prime Minister Ciriaco De Mita, is to promote, improve and intensify German-Italian relations. It is intended to facilitate a continuous exchange of views between high-ranking experts from the fields of politics, business, science and culture. The basis is the Joint Rome Declaration of the Governments of the Italian Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany of 12 May 1988.

The presidents of the German-Italian Forum are Dr. Ulrich Weiss, former member of the Board of Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt, and Dr. Franco Tatò, Amministratore Delegato, Enciclopedia Italiana Treccani, Rome.

The cooperation partner on the Italian side is the Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale (ISPI) in Milan.

Duration: 01 January 2004 – 31 December 2009
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