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Young ideas for the future of Europe

Marlene Pfau
Marlene Pfau

Young Europeans are actively involved in the institutionalised debate on reform and the future of the European Union. They have formulated their demands for the Conference on the Future of Europe. Strategic sovereignty of the EU and climate policy are the most important points.

The Conference on the Future of Europe provides a platform for European citizens to express their demands and actively engage in the debate on the future of the EU. "I hope that after the conference people will realise how much we want a better EU and that the proposals will be picked up and contribute to making the EU what we all want," said participant Kalina Dukovska.

The climate crisis is of great concern to the young generation: they want fundamental change in many areas. For example, a comprehensive EU taxonomy, standardised recycling guidelines or product design guidelines are some of the aspects that young people consider essential for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future of the EU. Clear definitions for "green investment" or "climate neutral products", as well as uniform European standards are necessary to push governments and companies towards more sustainable practices.

In addition to the climate crisis, Europe‘s ability to act in global issues and crises also preoccupies the participants. Too often, a European foreign and security policy fails because of the unanimity principle, which gives all EU member states the right of veto. The widespread introduction of a qualified majority voting principle at European level would help the EU to establish itself as an active, strategic player on the world stage.

During the event "#EngagEUrConference: Forum for Young Ideas on the Future of Europe", the ideas were developed and participants of the project discussed them with two members of the Conference on the Future of Europe: Daniel Freund, Member of the European Parliament and Nik Prebil, Member of the State Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.

It remains to be seen to what extent the demands of the young generation will influence the Conference on the Future of Europe. The young participants are hopeful that the conference can be a door opener for fundamental reforms in the EU. Now, their ideas are available on the digital platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

It is possible to discuss the ideas on the digital platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe:

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About the #EngagEUrCouncil: Young agenda-setters for Europe project: Young Germans, Slovenians and Portuguese meet in a virtual think tank gaining knowledge on the priorities of the current Trio EU Council Presidency. They develop political demands for the future of the EU and discuss them with political decision makers.

Image copyright: Marlene Pfau