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#12 UkraineMEMO: "We're heading in the right direction!" – Fighting corruption in Ukraine


Corruption is considered an "internal enemy" in Ukraine because it weakens democratic institutions and the army. But Ukraine cannot afford weakness in the face of war. The fight against corruption is therefore particularly urgent for Ukrainian society.

Corruption remains a "sticking label" in the German and international perception of Ukraine. Recently, a scandal about suspected enrichment through inflated prices for supplies to Ukrainian troops made headlines. What is less often talked about are the extensive anti-corruption and reform efforts Ukraine has undertaken since the "Revolution of Dignity" in 2014 and despite the full-scale Russian war of aggression, and Ukrainian society's generally low acceptance of corrupt practices.

What contribution do newly created law enforcement institutions make to curbing corruption? How can international and European institutions accompany the reform process and the appointment within new judicial control bodies? What role does Ukrainian civil society play in the fight against corruption?

These and other questions will be discussed with our guest:

Mattia Nelles, Ukraine expert, staff member of MP Robin Wagener (Bündnis90/Die Grünen) in the German Bundestag and co-founder of the German-Ukrainian Office.

Moderator: Nataliya Pryhornytska, political scientist and co-founder of the Allianz ukrainischer Organisationen.

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With its podcast "UkraineMEMO: Interviews, Analysis, Policy Advice", IEP presents new perspectives on Ukraine. With guests from Germany and Ukraine, Ljudmyla Melnyk and Nataliya Pryhornytska discuss recent developments in the areas of Ukrainian politics, economy and society and thus provide an insight into events on the ground that are moving the country. Ukraine's relationship with Germany and the EU is always kept in mind.

UkraineMEMO podcast is produced as part of the "UkraineForward: amplifying analysis” project funded by the MATRA Programme supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, and implemented by Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) with its partners. The opinions expressed are those of the podcast host and guests only and should not be considered as reflecting the position of the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands or IWPR.

The first nine episodes of the podcast UkraineMEMO: Interviews, Analysis, Policy Advice were produced as part of the project "German-Ukrainian Researchers Network" (GURN, 2019-2022) and funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

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About the Podcast UkraineMEMO project: Making expertise on Ukraine accessible is the aim of the UkraineMEMO podcast. With experts from civil society, politics and business, we analyse current events and long-term trends and promote better mutual understanding between Germany and Ukraine

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