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Towards a joint energy policy - strategies, instruments and policy-making in the European Union


This book sheds light on the challenges facing EU energy policy while presenting the legal basis and the relevant players in this policy field.

The role of the European Union in energy policy has become increasingly important in recent years. Energy policy has been Europeanized - not only since the Lisbon Treaty reform. The development of a European internal electricity and gas market as well as legislation in the areas of renewable energies and climate protection illustrate this. Nevertheless, it is still unclear where European energy policy is heading.

This book sheds light on the challenges facing an EU energy policy and presents the legal foundations and the relevant players in this policy field. By analyzing the activities of the European institutions in the individual areas of energy policy - from the security of supply of oil and gas to infrastructure, the internal market, renewable energies, energy efficiency and energy technology policy - the opportunities and limitations of a European energy policy are examined in detail.

The author therefore analyses both achievements until today and looks ahead to possible future developments in this dynamic policy field.

Towards a joint energy policy

- Strategies, instruments, and policy design in the European Union

Dipl.-Pol. Severin Fischer

2011, 283 p., Softcover,

ISBN 978-3-8329-6934-9

(Series European Writings, Vol. 92)

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