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EU Trainings for Moldovan Youth


How can young people support Moldova’s Europeanization process? The trainings targeted young Moldovans across the country to increase their knowledge about the EU integration process of Moldova and how they can get involved in this process on the local level.

Among young people, there is significant lack of knowledge and understanding of the Europeanization process of the Republic of Moldova. The trainings focused both on the national and local dimension of Moldova's Europeanisation process. The trainers and participants examined the role of national and local actors, including local civil society, in influencing policies related to Moldova’s EU approximation process, such as democratic participation in reform implementation on the local level.

The trainings also informed the participants about the importance of communication. They discussed disinformation campaigns, their consequences, and delved into propaganda and fake news related to the EU. Practical examples illustrated the latest trends in disinformation, along with insights into main distribution channels. This gave the trainees a good theoretical and practical understanding in dealing with disinformation.

The feedback indicated a positive outcome of the trainings, revealing that most participants achieved a more profound understanding of the EU and Moldova’s Europeanization process. These events also successfully promoted awareness regarding how young individuals can actively participate in this process.

The trainings took place in the second half of 2023 in the cities Cimislia, Balti, Soroca and Comrat. In 2024, the project continues its EU training mission with a concluding session in Chisinau for the most active and engaged participants.


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About the NEXT4EU: Young generation for EU integration project: The Republic of Moldova was officially designated as a candidate country for the European Union in June 2022.. The NEXT4EU project supports civil society in accompanying European reforms and especially the young generation in engaging in the integration process.

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