How can we defend Europe from the onslaught of right wing populism? (TruLies-Blog by Marc Saxer)

"Populism" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Dr Case

Why are Right wing movements so popular? In a new contri­bution to the TruLies Blog, Marc Saxer points out that by means of a collective identity, they offer solid ground in the vertigo of change. In the context of global­ization and middle class fear of social decline, he fears that if the Left fails to define identity in progressive terms, the Right will do it in nativist terms, and that will be the end of Europe.

The text was first published on the blog of online debate magazine Carta. Marc Saxer is Resident Repre­sen­tative of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in India as well as coordi­nator of the European-Asian „Economy of Tomorrow“ project.

The project “TruLies – The Truth about Lies on Europe”, aided by the Stiftung Mercator and run by the Institute for European Politics (IEP) in cooper­ation with Das Progressive Zentrum, has two principal objec­tives. On the one hand, it strives to decon­struct Eurosceptic and populist preju­dices, animosities, and false asser­tions, by means of social scien­tif­i­cally-grounded analysis. Thus, it aims to contribute to a ratio­nal­i­sation of the public discourse and debate in Germany (and beyond). On the other hand, “TruLies Europe” endeavours to publicly commu­nicate its findings beyond the select circle of scholars to political actors, civil society, and the wider public. You may find further infor­mation on our website:

Marc Saxer’s contri­bution can be found here.