The End of the EU as we Know it? Country Report on Street Protests and European Politics in Germany published

Current statistics show that street protests have gained more popularity in Germany over the recent years. What are the causes? Where are the roots of certain movements? What messages do they deliver to the government? What impact did they have on German and European politics so far? This paper, part of the project “A new narrative for Europe: Bringing more union into the European Union”, addresses three main movements in Germany that have gained much attention over the past years: Fridays for Future, PEGIDA and Pulse of Europe.

Just in time for the Global Climate Strike on 29 November 2019 that will once again bring people onto the streets in over 500 cities in Germany alone and just a few days before the 25th World Climate Conference, the country report “The End of the EU as We Know It? Street Protests and European Politics” deals with these protest movements, partic­u­larly against the background of European issues.

The full report is available for download here.