Conference „Ukraine’s historical and contemporary interlockings: A transnational perspective on transformations“

In the context of the research project “Ukrainians in Poland and Germany – Civic and Political Engagement, Expec­ta­tions and Courses of Actions” Magdalena Patalong and Richard Steinberg of the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) together with Andriy Korniychuk of the Institute of Public Affairs, Warsaw, presented a paper on „Ukrainians in Poland and Germany: What Role during Euromaidan and in Ukraine’s ongoing Trans­for­mation“. The conference took place at the European University Viadrina on 5./6. November and was organized by the Institute for Trans­for­mation Studies (FIT) and the German Associ­ation for East European Studies (DGO). In a lively and inter­dis­ci­plinary debate first prelim­inary results and obser­va­tions were discussed. Not only did the discussion focus on the structure of the Ukrainian diaspora in Poland and in Germany but also touched questions of identity building and self-perception. Special attention was paid to the role of the Maidan.

You will find further infor­mation about the research project on the project’s website.