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Prospects after Germany’s general elections EN

Elijah O'Donnell / Pexels
Elijah O'Donnell / Pexels

Provided successful negotiations, the Ampel-coalition is promising a progressive new start for Germany. Its level of ambition on EU policy will largely be determined by its actions on institutions and values, foreign and security policy as well as green economy and finance

Germany went to the ballot box in September for the elections that closed the era of Angela Merkel. The negotiations for an Ampel-coalition in Germany are currently ongoing. Unsurprisingly, the next German government will be a pro-European one. Yet, its level of ambition on EU policy will likely be determined by the necessity of the circumstances, particularly on foreign and security policy, and the need to foster consensus in a novel three-party coalition constellation. The authors Dr. Funda Tekin (IEP) and Dr. Ilke Toygür (Elcano Royal Institute), assess how much change or continuity is in the German ballot box for Europe analysing the aspects of EU institutional reform and values, EU foreign and security policy as well as green economy and finances. Among others, they call for the next German government to formulate a clear position on the Conference on the Future of Europe, to be more outspoken on the protection of the rule of law in the EU and to support all measures contributing to the resilience of the EU globally. They also advocate the German government to include other countries in the equation of the Franco-German tandem in order to foster European integration and open up to advancing in key areas of integration also as part of smaller alliances.

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About the Berlin Perspectives project: The IEP Policy Brief series Berlin Perspectives presents precise analyses on Germany’s European policy to an English-speaking audience. The authors analyse German European policy positions on current topics and debates to provide policy recommendations based on their findings.

ISSN/ISBN: 2701-3014
Image copyright: Elijah O'Donnell / Pexels