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International Disinfo Lab in Chisinau


Which measures can counter disinformation in the Republic of Moldova? This question was the leitmotif of the reforMD project and was discussed by local and international experts at the final event.

Moldovan politicians, local and international experts from civil society, as well as representatives of the partner organizations IPRE and IPIS met at the Disinfo Lab in Chisinau. The event focused on the results of the project activities of the last six months as well as on the international exchange of best practices and ideas.

Countering disinformation at the local level was an important part of the project and the topic of the first Disinfo Lab panel. Here the results of the local Disinfo Labs were presented. In addition, young Moldovans who received scholarships for initiatives against disinformation in the framework of the Labs had the opportunity to present their projects to a broad audience.

Based on the results of the reforMD Policy Debate series and the accompanying Policy Advice Missions, the speakers of the second panel discussed approaches to regulating disinformation. In this context, Adrian Ermurachi presented the policy paper on the Moldovan draft law for the creation of an anti-disinformation center. In addition, Julia Smirnova (ISD Germany) and Mariam Tsitsikashvili (GRASS) were able to provide insight into the attempts to regulate disinformation in the EU and Georgia, respectively. This kind of international exchange is an important component of disinformation work, along with capacity building at the local level and an active civil society.

The event presented the conclusion of the reforMD project.

Team & authors

About the reforMD – Resilient against Disinformation in the Republic of Moldova project: EU accession aspirations of the Republic of Moldova put the country more in the focus of Russian disinformation. reforMD aims to strengthen resilience against disinformation through dialogue between civil society and political actors as well as capacity building at a local level.

Image copyright: IPRE/IPIS