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Networking Lab: Together against disinformation


An active civil society, a strong regulatory framework and international exchange are crucial factors in the fight against disinformation. Moldovan and international experts exchanged views at the inforMD Networking Lab.

How does disinformation work in the Republic of Moldova? Which actors are involved in the dissemination of disinformation? How do the experiences of the Republic of Moldova differ from those of Ukraine, Georgia and Germany? Moldovan and international experts discussed these and other questions at the inforMD Networking Lab.

Based on preliminary results of the inforMD study presented in the first part of the hybrid networking lab, the speakers discussed the characteristics of disinformation in the Republic of Moldova. Field reports from Ukraine, Georgia and Germany testified to similar problems with the suppression of disinformation. Even if solutions have to be designed in a country-specific way, the international exchange of practices in the field of anti-disinformation work strengthens resilience not only in the European Union, but especially in the Eastern Partnership region.

The Networking Lab took place in the framework of the project "inforMD - against disinformation in the Republic of Moldova" in cooperation with the Institute for Strategic Initiatives (IPIS) and the Institute for Politics and Reform in Europe (IPRE) and with the kind support of the German Federal Foreign Office.

Team & authors

About the inforMD – Against disinformation in the Republic of Moldova project: Fake news and disinformation are increasingly widespread in the Republic of Moldova. This is due to digitalisation and the polarisation of social and political discourse. inforMD strives to counteract misinformation.

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