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inforMD – Against disinformation in the Republic of Moldova


Fake news and disinformation are increasingly widespread in the Republic of Moldova. This is due to digitalisation and the polarisation of social and political discourse. inforMD strives to counteract misinformation.

The Republic of Moldova is particularly vulnerable to disinformation campaigns due to the segregated media landscape according to population and language groups. Foreign, as well as domestic political actors, contribute to the spread of misinformation, especially about the controversial course of EU rapprochement.

In light of this situation, the inforMD project pursues the following goals:

  • Strengthening resilience against disinformation in the Republic of Moldova
  • Promoting civil society expertise and networking within the Republic of Moldova
  • Empowering young people (students) in the Republic of Moldova to recognize, deal with and respond to disinformation and to promote critical thinking (capacity building and multiplication training)
  • Promotion of cooperation and exchange between German, European and Moldovan civil society actors working on disinformation issues

In order to achieve these goals, various measures and activities will be implemented within the framework of inforMD, including a training series for Moldovan students (capacity building) and a qualitative mapping study to develop a joint analysis and advocacy strategy as well as to improve the legal framework against disinformation in the Republic of Moldova. Furthermore, fact-checking videos, podcasts and TV debates are produced and disseminated to respond to and educate on current disinformation campaigns.


Duration: 01 April 2021 – 31 December 2021
Image copyright: Photocase