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COVID-19 Pandemic

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October 2021
Towards a true Health Union
Europe talks
Continuing to combat the pandemic, improving structures, rethinking treaties – Dr. Thomas Steffen, State Secretary of the German Ministry of Health, discussed a European Health Union together with the guests of the Lunch Debate.
September 2021
The fellows and projects of the Eurasia Lab & Fellowship Program
Eurasia Lab Fellowship Program
From Civic activism in Kazakhstan during Covid-19, to the impact of the pandemic on gender-based violence in Uzbekisten and Kyrgyzstan and digital activism in Turkmenistan: These are the topics of the Eurasia Lab research teams from September to December 2021.
March 2021
Oh dear? Challenges of EU-UK relations after Brexit
Civil Dialogues
Annette Dittert, ARD London, discussed the impact of Brexit on the media landscape, bilateral relations and Scottish independence. In addition, the Corona crisis is overshadowing the talks between the EU and the UK.
Western Balkans’ plight is wake-up call for Europe
The recent reform of enlargement policy is not enough, although now is the time to move from talk to action. Pragmatic optimism and geopolitical realism would help to break the negative spiral of corona, reform and enlargement fatigue.
December 2020
A preliminary assessment of the German EU Council presidency
Europe talks
Gunther Krichbaum, MdB, Chairman of the Committee on European Union Affairs discussed EU migration policy, the investment agreement with China and the Conference on the Future of Europe.
November 2020
COVID-19 in Ukraine – 20th Ukraine Breakfast Debate
Despite the significant negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Ukrainian economy, the long-term outlook leaves room for optimism. This is due to national financial aid measures as well as international cooperation with the European Union.
October 2020
The future of the EU and Euroscepticism – German perspectives in times of the COVID-19 pandemic
Europe talks
Daniel Freund, MEP Greens/European Free Alliance, discussed what influence the pandemic has on euroscepticism in Germany and Europe and how the EU can decisively counter this development.
September 2020
German investments in Ukraine – 3rd Germany Breakfast Debate
The debate had mainly focused on how to create stable investment conditions in the long term despite the unresolved conflict in eastern Ukraine. The guests emphasised the importance of judicial reform and the dissemination of success stories.
August 2020
Corona - State - Europe: Lessons for European cooperation
Civil Dialogues
The crisis management of the EU during the Corona pandemic was discussed by Katarina Barley, Peter Clever and Ulrich Silberbach. There was also an outlook on the upcoming EU Council Presidency and its priorities.
July 2020
The future of EU trade policy in a post-COVID-19 world
Europe talks
Sabine Weyand, Director General for Trade at the European Commission, discussed coping strategies for the EU in the Corona crisis, its strategic position in the global economy and the global recession.
June 2020
Communication in Europe - Strengthening citizenship and town twinning in the EU!
Civil Dialogues
Peter Kleine, Mayor of Weimar, and Jochen Butt-Posnik, Europe for Citizens, discussed town twinning and its funding opportunities at EU level. These partnerships can establish a living exchange that reduces prejudices and promotes dialogue.
May 2020
Europe's way out of the Corona crisis: From economic reconstruction to a European sense of community
Civil Dialogues
The advantages and disadvantages of the EU recovery program were discussed by European law expert René Repasi and MEP Sven Schulze. Moreover, it is necessary to deepen European integration and strengthen the European sense of community.
February 2020
New government, old challenges – Political and economic prospects for Moldova in 2020
Berlin Policy Hub
What reform policies is the new Moldovan government pursuing? What is the thematic focus? Are relations with Russia or the EU being strengthened? Experts from Moldova discussed these and other questions on the assessment of the situation in the shadow of the pandemic.