Über uns

Ziele und Inhalte

Im Auftrag deutscher und europäi­scher Partner führt das Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) umfang­reiche Trainings- und Fortbil­dungs­maß­nahmen im Rahmen des EU-Erwei­te­rungs­pro­zesses und der Europäi­schen Nachbar­schafts­po­litik (ENP) durch.

Alle Programme verbinden inter­aktive Lernme­thoden mit fachspe­zi­fi­schem Wissens- und Erfah­rungs­aus­tausch. Anwen­dungs­bezug und Transfer von Know-how stehen im Vorder­grund unserer Trainings, um zu einer erfolg­reichen Annäherung der Zielländer an die EU beizutragen.


Zahlen und Fakten

Das IEP hat seit dem Jahr 2003

Unser Team

Dominic Maugeais – Senior Project Manager (E‑Mail)
Ljudmyla Melnyk – Research Associate (E‑Mail)
Laura Christoph – Junior Project Manager (E‑Mail)


Unsere Teilneh­me­rInnen über uns

“Being involved in the CiSEP network made it possible to meet like-minded people, gain experience, develop and learn. Enhance access to infor­mation, exchange of experience and disse­mi­nation of knowledge. Commu­ni­cation with experts and coaches is also important — it shows the horizons that you should strive for. But the main thing for me is the energy and inspi­ration from each meeting, the realiz­ation that we are many and together we are strength.” — Svitlana Rozhok, Center of Community Develo­pment “Perspective” (Tscher­nihiw)

“I have learned a lot from the CiSEP seminars. And I will say honestly — all this is not for the sake of obtaining a certi­ficate or a grant. You showed the mecha­nisms and how to properly build a training from scratch, how to make it interesting and colourful. Now I under­stand how all this was missing for me for three years, when I held various law-enligh­tening events in the villages and in my region. Thank you for sharing secrets and life hacks.” — Tetiana Shubenko, Rechts­be­ra­terin (Winnyzja)

“Many great thanks to the CiSEP team from the Berlin Institute of European Policy for their metho­dical, infor­ma­tional and financial support in conducting of the training “Reforming of the Food Safety System in Ukraine”. All of you: Constanze Aka, Martin Stein, Marina Lechleider, Anita Rohner and all your team members without any exemp­tions are great people, profes­sional experts and experi­enced trainers. After graduating 3 levels (A, B, C) of your trainings I feel very confident in complex Ukraine- EU Association Agreement and in simple under­standable manner shared my knowledge with training parti­ci­pants. I wish all of you success and many new achie­ve­ments in your honorable job! I really appre­ciate what you have done for Ukraine and hope you will continue supporting our country’s European path.”  — Sergiy Shcherbyna, NGO Analy­tical Center of the Agrarian Union of Ukraine (Oblast Kiew)