Videos about Street Protests and European Politics in Germany published

New civic movements and forms of active citizenship are omnipresent and correlate with the main debates at EU level: How can the gap between EU insti­tu­tions and young people be dimin­ished and the dynamics of populism and Euroscep­ticism be reduced, whereas the political engagement of young people should be strengthened?

As part of the “Future of Europe: Bringing more union into the European Union” project, 16 videos were shot under the title “My EU Future”. Young people from Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Germany talk about their involvement in civil movements and new forms of active citizenship. This innov­ative platform is meant to empower young activists in artic­u­lating views, debating policies and providing expertise to EU decision-makers.

Video 1: Malte Steuber, Young European Federalists/ Thinking Europe

Video 2: Silvan Wagenknecht, Pulse of Europe

Video 3: Jan Osenberg, Polis180

Video 4: Jonas Sack, Fridays For Future

More videos of activists from Romania, Bulgaria and Greece can be found on the European Heroes website.