Euroscepticism in Slovakia: The broken promise of prosperity and stability (TruLies Blog by Marta Králiková)

"Slovakian Flags" (CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0) by antaldaniel

The attitude of Slovak citizens towards the European Union is to some extent a paradox: despite positive perception of the EU and recog­nition of its merits, there is generally little interest and low level of partic­i­pation in European affairs. The recent crises shaking the EU however have shown that this permissive attitude changes when devel­op­ments in the EU require demon­stra­tions of solidarity, directly affecting lives of Slovak citizens. How have the scepticism and criticism towards the EU taken root in Slovak society?

Marta Králiková is a PhD candidate at the Comenius University Bratislava.

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