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The “Europeanization beyond process” initiative seeks to bridge the gap between Europeanization discourses in EU member states and EU neigh­boring countries by bringing together policy research organi­za­tions from Eastern Partnership countries with their counter­parts and decision-makers in the EU capitals.

In the framework of the initiative IEP acts as a policy hub in Berlin — a first contact-point, hosting insti­tution and gateway for think tanks from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine eager to expand their networks with German research insti­tu­tions and relevant policy makers. The policy hub also functions as a mentoring center for capacity devel­opment and transfer of knowledge and supports its Eastern European partner organi­za­tions in success­fully conducting and presenting their research to the German audience and facil­i­tates advocacy visits to Berlin.

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Eastern European Insights:

The Berlin Policy Hub Project also encom­passes the „Eastern European Insights“ series, where our partner insti­tu­tions give their opinion on current devel­op­ments in their respective home countries and the wider region.

All articles of the series can be found here:




“Moldova’s Europeanization and interethnic cohesion – a delicate balancing act”
Sarah Pagung (DGAP), Stanislav Ghiletchi (IPRE)
“Moldova as a case study of new money laundering patterns. Lessons to learn and impli­ca­tions for the EU”
Sergiu Gaibu (Expert-Grup), Andres Knobel
“Economic Models of Aid Effec­tiveness in Moldova”
Theocharis Grigo­riadis (Freie Univer­sität Berlin), Sergiu Gaibu (Expert-Grup)
“How can Ukrainian SME grow into national and global champions? Based on the German experience”
Hlib Vyshlinsky, Dmytro Yablonovskyy, Bohdan Prokhorov (CES), Oksana Kuziakiv, Yevhen Anhel (IER), Dr. Niclas Rüffer (GIZ)
“Georgian-German Relations in the Context of Euro-Atlantic Integration. How to Align Expec­ta­tions?”
Kornely Kakachia (GIP), Katrin Böttger (IEP)


Project Team:

Dr. Katrin Böttger (Director) — E‑Mail
Dominic Maugeais (Senior Project Manager) — E‑Mail
Viktoria Palm (Project Manager)- E‑Mail
Julian Brummer (Project Assistant)


Partner Organi­za­tions:

1 Centre for Economic Strategy (CES)
EPRC_LOGO1(1) The Economic Policy Research Center (EPRC)
 2 Expert-Grup
 3 Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP)
grass logo Georgia’s Reforms Associates (GRASS)
4 Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE)
New Europe Center (NEC)


This project is supported by the Open Society Founda­tions. The opinions expressed by the project and its publi­ca­tions may not reflect OSF’s views.