EU Perceptions and Reality in Moldova (WE&EU)

In 2014, the Republic of Moldova signed the Associ­ation Agreement with the European Union (EU), which officially launched the path of rapprochement with the EU. This pro-European decision is, however, not uncon­tested within the Moldovan population.

The project “EU Associ­a­tions and Reality in Moldova (WE&EU)” therefore aims at opening up channels of commu­ni­cation to EU-critical parts of the Moldovan population in order to promote the discourse on funda­mental European values and to render the concrete advan­tages of EU associ­ation for Moldova and its citizens more visible. In this endeavor it is essential to counter misin­for­mation and address common myths about the EU and the Associ­ation Agreement and to promote a fact-based exchange.

In order to achieve this goal, the WE&EU project will implement various measures and activ­ities, including the devel­opment of fact checks, dialogue events for citizens, videos on success stories, TV debates, EU awareness workshops, a study trip to Chisinau as well as public conferences.

The project is imple­mented by the Institut für Europäische Politik in cooper­ation with the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE) and the Institute for Strategic Initia­tives (IPIS) and kindly supported by the Federal Foreign Office.