Strengthening Civil Society in the Fight against Corruption

Where: Chisinau and chosen regions of Moldova
When: May 2016 – December 2016
Who: Repre­sen­ta­tives of civil society organi­za­tions in Moldova

The workshop series is dedicated to Moldovan civil society organi­za­tions with the goal of strength­ening the coordi­nated fight against corruption at the horizontal and sectoral level. The workshops provide a platform for repre­sen­ta­tives of several organi­za­tions to identify a common framework for reforms and support the exchange between civil society and public admin­is­tration.

In addition, six workshops are held at regional level focusing on the fight against corruption in the private and educa­tional sectors. As a result of the project, a coordi­nated civil society appeal against corruption will be presented at a public closing conference, which includes civil society prior­ities in the fight against corruption in Moldova.

The project is carried out by the Institute for European Policy and Reforms (Chişinău) in cooper­ation with the Institute for European Politics (Berlin). It is financed by the German Federal Foreign Office.


Supported by: aa_office_farbe_de

Workshop Reports: