EU Association for Ukrainian Financial Regulators

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine
When: September 2017 – November 2017
Who: Employees of the National Bank of Ukraine, National Securities and Stock Market Commission as well as other relevant insti­tu­tions dealing with financial sector regulation in Ukraine

The goal of the training cycle is to increase the Ukrainian financial regulators’ capac­ities to implement the EU-Ukraine Associ­ation Agreement (AA), including Deep and Compre­hensive Free Trade Area (partic­u­larly Sub-Chapter 6, Chapter 6), and to coordinate inter-insti­tu­tionally in the field of financial services associ­ation.

The pre-selection of partic­i­pating insti­tu­tions reflects all stake­holders concerned with imple­men­tation of sub-chapter 6, chapter 6 DCFTA in Ukraine.

The training is conducted in an inter­active manner and consists of three elements:

  1. Empow­ering partic­i­pants to exercise EU legal harmon­i­sation skills indepen­dently and enabling partic­i­pants to conduct legal screening on existing domestic legis­lation for sub-chapter 6, chapter 6 DCFTA.
  2. Providing partic­i­pants with best-practice for imple­men­tation plans on each selected EU directive.
  3. Coaching on advanced strategic planning and EU coordi­nation resources in order to further insti­tu­tion­alise AA/DCFTA imple­men­tation.

Throughout the training phase partic­i­pants will inter­ac­tively work on exercising skills on EU coordi­nation for Chapter 6 of the DCFTA. Partic­i­pants will be coached to work on different alignment coordi­nation plans and imple­men­tation plans for selected direc­tives. At the end of the training, the group will agree on a format for monitoring the EU Associ­ation in the field of financial services in Ukraine.

The GIZ training cycle is imple­mented under the project „Reform Advisory Fund”, which supports Ukraine in sustainable imple­men­tation of the EU-Ukraine Associ­ation Agreement e.g. in form of training, IT solutions and insti­tution building. IEP supports GIZ project activ­ities sustainably with EU related capacity building since 2015.

For more infor­mation about the Project, contact Anne Bercio, Team Leader “Capacity Devel­opment on EU Associ­ation”

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