Capacity Building for EU Association in Ukraine with Government Office for European Integration (GOEI)

The GIZ training cycle is part of the „Reform Advisory Funds”, which support Ukraine in sustainable imple­men­tation of the EU-Ukraine Associ­ation Agreement e.g. in form of training, IT solutions and personal capac­ities.

The idea for conducting a compre­hensive training in funda­mental EU-related skills for high-level employees of the newly created Government Office for EU Integration appeared in a meeting between the IEP and GOEI staff in spring 2015.

The broad content of the training was a wish from the GOEI and it should prepare the partic­i­pants for funda­mental challenges of the early phase of the EU associ­ation process.

The group includes partic­i­pants from GOEI and several other important actors of EU associ­ation process (e.g. compe­tition authority, presi­dential admin­is­tration), all of which took part in the training regularly and completed it success­fully.

After the training cycle, partic­i­pants attended a study trip to EU-coordi­nating insti­tu­tions in Berlin, Zagreb and Belgrade.


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