Training for staffers of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the topics: The role of the parliament in the EU Association Process & legal approximation in the sphere of consumer protection

The forth workshop of the training series „Capacity Building for the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine“ was success­fully imple­mented by Constanze Aka from 25 till 26 May, 2016, in Kyiv. The partic­i­pants discussed the role of the parliament in the EU associ­ation process on the basis of the Slovenian case example. In a role play they applied their findings to the Ukrainian context. Moreover, the group partic­i­pated in a one-day legal coaching on the legal approx­i­mation to the EU acquis in the field of consumer protection. The coaching was based on the intro­ductory workshops of the training series which had conveyed the methods and instru­ments of legal harmon­i­sation.

The next workshop within this training series will take place from 29–30 May in Kyiv.