A tool-box for EU Association — third workshop of the CiSEP training series

20 Ukrainian civic activists practice legal approx­i­mation, associ­ation monitoring and English public speaking

The third workshop of the CiSEP training series “EU Associ­ation Skills” gathered NGO members from all over Ukraine from 22 to 24 January in Odessa. Aim of the training is to provide our CiSEP fellows with a “toolbox” of methods and skills to contribute effec­tively to the EU associ­ation process in Ukraine.

During our first two trainings we laid our focus on EU legal analysis. Now, we intro­duced our fellows to the steps and methods of legal approx­i­mation. In first practical exercises, our fellows got acquainted with the Table of Concor­dance – an oblig­atory tool when checking the compliance of Ukrainian legis­lation with EU legal provi­sions.

Our training session dedicated to public speaking on EU matters ensured the “feel-good-factor” of the training. Our CiSEP fellows boosted their presen­tation techniques in numerous practical exercises. The trainer conveyed the right attitude towards public presen­ta­tions with a lot of empathy and humour.

Moreover, our group had the oppor­tunity to discuss possi­bil­ities on regional NGO engagement with a colleague from the “National Coalition for Decen­tral­i­sation” based in Niš in Serbia. On the basis of Serbian case examples they discussed topics such as regional cooper­ation, capacity devel­opment for smaller organ­i­sa­tions, and commu­ni­cation with citizens on the one hand and national stake­holders on the other hand.

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Institut für Europäische Politik imple­ments this workshop series in cooper­ation with Odessa regional organi­zation of All-Ukrainian NGO “Committee of Voters of Ukraine”. The project is kindly supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.