The European Citizens’ Initiative: Including new actors in European politics?

In a short analysis, Julian Plottka, Research Associate at the IEP, deals with the potential of the ECI in order to improve the legit­imacy of the Union in issue 2/2012 of the Zeitschrift für Parla­ments­fragen. This objective provided reason to implement the ECI into the EU treaties. Moreover, Plottka analyses the contri­bu­tions to the consul­tation on the ECI regulation, 21 ECI test runs and 15 intended initia­tives concerning the involved actors. Conse­quently, the article exemplifies that the ECI offers the potential to improve the quality of the Union by including new actors in EU politics.

The abstract of the short analysis by Julian Plottka is available on the Zeitschrift für Parla­ments­fragen website.