TF European Identity

Within the framework of Alter­na­tiveEuropa!, the working group European Identity has dealt with the values of Europe and the shaping of a collective European identity. In particular, it has outlined current challenges, developed visions for the future and drawn up concrete policy recom­men­da­tions for four different topics. These four areas include a new European narrative, a common European public sphere, new oppor­tu­nities for partic­i­pation by EU citizens and intra-European solidarity.

In their paper, the AG members Manuel Gath, Jule Könneke, Constantin Schäfer, Richard Steinberg and Susanne Zels also answer questions about the role of a common identity for the European integration process and how European identity can be promoted within the framework of the four areas addressed.

The discussion paper on “European identity” can be found here: ALTEU! Eine europäische Identität?