Dr. Manuel Mueller

Senior Researcher

Expertise: Democratic Legitimation of the EU; Political System and Institutional Reform of the EU; European Public Sphere and European Narratives; Constitutional Pluralism and the Rule of Law in the EU; European Elections and European Political Parties

Studies (M.A.) of Modern and Contem­porary History and Spanish Philology at Otto-Friedrich-Univer­sität Bamberg, Univer­sidad de Granada and Humboldt-Univer­sität zu Berlin; research stays in Madrid and Florence.

Doctorate at Humboldt-Univer­sität zu Berlin (Disser­tation on the topic: „A Missed Consti­tu­tional Moment: The Maastricht Treaty and the European Public Sphere (1988–91).“, Baden-Baden, 2021)

During the first semester of 2021, Manuel Müller will be on a research stay at the University of Helsinki as a fellow of the programme re:constitution – Exchange and Analysis on the Rule of Law and Democracy in Europe.

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