Successful start of the project incubator on Ukrainian EU association

As a part of the new project round of our Civic School for Sound EU Practice (CiSEP), the project incubator which supports alumni in realising promising project ideas started in October. CiSEP is a capacity building project for civil society organ­i­sa­tions in Ukraine. The aim of the program is to involve the partic­i­pants actively and success­fully in the process of Ukraine’s EU associ­ation as part of a network of civil society actors.

The project incubator takes up the topics of the already imple­mented special­i­sation trainings (intel­lectual property, consumer protection and food safety, trade and sustainable devel­opment) and assists the 21 alumni from all of Ukraine in devel­oping, refining and imple­menting their project ideas. To do so, the five most promising ideas have been selected before. The projects are funded with micro-grants and the project groups are supported through technical and method­ological mentoring. The mentoring encom­passes the provision of knowledge on project cycles, objective setting, activity planning, budgeting, finding partners and on all other aspects which are necessary for the imple­men­tation of a successful project.

During the first workshop that took place in Chernihiv from 14th to 16th October 2019 the partic­i­pants learned to convinc­ingly pitch their project to a third party, to differ­en­tiate the basic methods and proce­dures of project management, to define their stake­holders, project objec­tives and activ­ities and to plan the next steps of their project using a project planning matrix. Furthermore, they had the oppor­tunity to benefit and learn from the experience of the two CiSEP-partners Odessa Regional Agency for Recon­struction and Devel­opment and Polissya Foundation for Inter­na­tional and Regional Studies. Moreover, the discussion on the question what makes a project a successful one allowed to reflect on the criteria for a sustainable and impactful project.

The next two workshops are going to take place in Odessa in December 2019 and February 2020 and are going to deal with budget planning and funding. The project matrices are also going to be refined and the project groups are going to receive thematic feedback on their project from experts in the respective area.

CiSEP is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.