Study Visits, Practical Experience and Exchange Programmes

The IEP offers study visits and practical experience in Berlin and Brussels.

The IEP organizes infor­mative visits to EU insti­tu­tions in Brussels. This provides visitors with an oppor­tunity to expand their knowledge by meeting experts on subject-specific issues and to build initial contacts in EU insti­tu­tions and with political decision-makers and their staff.

In addition to sectoral policy issues, the IEP also conducts seminars and training sessions on opinion-forming in Brussels. The focus here is on the devel­opment of networks and a greater appre­ci­ation of lobbying in a multi­lateral context.

In Berlin, the IEP provides experts, academics and other inter­ested individuals with in-house training sessions on the European integration process. You are welcome to use our well-stocked library (with over 30,000 publi­ca­tions on a wide range of topics falling under the heading of European politics) and conduct research and our staff, board of trustees and numerous experts from politics and academia will be happy to assist you. We have been nurturing a culture of such inter­action for nearly half a century.