Enlargement / Neighbourhood Policy

The meetings of the Study Group are part of the priority agenda “Dialogue Europe” of the Otto Wolf-Foundation.

Here you find an overview of activities:

25 June 2010
Topic: “The Treaty of Lisbon: What models of cooper­ation with the neigh­bours in the light of consolidation”

7 April 2008
Topic: “A new archi­tecture of relations between the EU and its neigh­bours — proposals and models”

Forerunner of the Study Group:

19 September 2005
Workshop: “Financial packages and enlargement of the EU — Current European policy challenges”

10 May 2004
Topic: “The EU-25: Review and outlook for enlargement”

18 October 2001
Topic: “Eastern enlargement and EU budget: policy reforms and their political feasibility”

18 May 2001
Topic: “Free movement of workers in the enlarged European Union — a stumbling block of accession negotiations”