Stabilization and Association Agreements (SAA) Training Programm

The SAA training programme is specif­i­cally designed for more senior officials of public admin­is­tration in horizontal and sectoral policy areas of the EU concerned with the require­ments related to the Stabi­lization and Associ­ation Process between the European Union and the western Balkan countries (in prepa­ration for “potential EU membership”).

Important issues here include the promotion of regional cooper­ation, trade liber­al­ization, the compat­i­bility of national admin­is­trative struc­tures with EU standards as well as the gradual approx­i­mation of national legal norms with those of the Community.

The SAA training programme has been underway in Albania and Macedonia (FYROM) since 2000, and in Serbia since 2005. Up to date, more than twenty SAA workshops involving over 60 national and inter­na­tional experts have been held.

Should you be inter­ested in learning more about our programmes, the staff in the Department Studies & Capacity Building of the IEP will be glad to help you with your enquiries.