Seventh interview of the “Klartext” series: How does a European Future for Ukraine look like?

Within the framework of the project “Platform for Analytics and Inter­cul­tural Commu­ni­cation” (PAIC), the seventh interview of the “Klartext” series with Ukrainian think tanks was published. Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of the Kyiv based think tank New Europe Center, shed light on the work of the organi­zation and its cooper­ation with the Ukrainian government.

In the interview Alyona Getmanchuk elabo­rates on New Europe Center’s roots, presents their working prior­ities and commu­ni­cation strategies and shares her formula of success for think tanks in Ukraine. Furthermore, she talks about the cooper­ation with the Minstry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and stresses the impor­tance of G7 for the reform process within the country. The interview also covered questions about how the cooper­ation with European think tanks looks like and in which fields they identified areas for improvement.

The New Europe Center was estab­lished in 2017 through a re-foundation of the core team of the Institute for World Policy. Since then, New Europe Center releases analytical works on the Ukrainian foreign policy, the European and euro-Atlantic integration and security policies. Noteworthy publi­ca­tions include the “Ukraine’s Foreign policy audit” which measures common interests between Ukraine and the respective partner country and provides foreign policy recom­men­da­tions as a result and the project “#NewEu­rope­Vision”, which was newly estab­lished in 2018 and works on a European future from a Ukrainian perspective.

The interview series “Klartext” aims to increase the presence and public awareness of Ukrainian think tanks, both within Ukraine and Germany. Additionally, the series engages to convey an image of the overall think tank landscape and general devel­op­ments within Ukraine. Particular attention is set on the challenges that Ukrainian think tanks are facing regularly, as well as their role for the imple­men­tation of domestic reforms.

The project “Platform for Analytics and Inter­cul­tural Commu­ni­cation” (PAIC) promotes the Ukrainian think tank environment and foresees sustainable exchange between German and Ukrainian experts and researchers. PAIC is conducted by the Institute for European Politics e.V. (IEP, Berlin), in cooper­ation with the Inter­na­tional Renais­sance Foundation (IRF, Kiev), the Ilko Kucheriv Democ­ratic Initia­tives Foundation (DIF, Kiev) and the think tank initiative “think twice UA” (Kiev), supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The full interview is now available in German and Ukrainian.