Selected Papers of the Conference “Prospects of EU-Central Asia Relations” Published in “L’Europe en formation“

The new issue of “L’Europe en formation” presents selected papers of the inter­na­tional conference on “Prospects of EU-Central Asia Relations”. Being part of the master programme „Studies on the EU and Central Asia in the Inter­na­tional System“, the conference was organised by IEP and its partner, the Centre inter­na­tional de formation européenne (CIFE), in Alamty. The new issue is dedicated to the relations between the European Union and Central Asia and devel­op­ments in contem­porary Central Asia. Scholars from both regions deliver analyses covering the realms of democracy, natural resources, security and the regional perspective.

More infor­mation on the issue are available on the website of „L’Europe en formation“.

More infor­mation on the conference are available on IEP’s website.