Sector-specific Conferences — The EDEN Conference Series

“Environ­mental Dialogue of European Neigh­bours” (EDEN) ” to support the accession of central and eastern European countries” as part of the German Federal Government“s TRANSFORM Programme.

The Single European Act of 1986 and amend­ments in the Maastricht Treaty (1992) and the Amsterdam Treaty (1997) gave the European Union a coherent compe­tence in environ­mental policy. Refuse policy has become one of the most important and most developed areas of EU activity in its efforts to protect the environment. As such, the adoption of the Community acquis in environ­mental policy presents accession countries with many problems.

The inter­na­tional conference series known as EDEN addresses this by (1) encour­aging a dialogue based on partnership between those involved in the utilization of waste products in EU member states and in accession countries long before the latter join and (2) fleshing out common interests in this sensitive area of policy. The aim here is to bring the utilization of waste products in accession countries into line with EU standards before they join. To this end, the compe­tence of accession countries in the utilization of waste products is to be increased on the basis of partnership in an exchange of know-how between EU members and accession countries (“neigh­bourly help”). The inter­na­tional conference series provides a forum for experts to discuss the legal issues involved and to share their experience. The longer-term goal is to create a lasting dialogue on waste management.

The Institute for European Politics runs EDEN in those accession candi­dates bordering the EU on behalf of and in cooper­ation with the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conser­vation and Nuclear Safety. Admin­is­trative officials, commercial repre­sen­ta­tives, decision-makers and experts from Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic and Hungary partic­ipate in the two-day confer­ences. Partic­i­pating countries take turns hosting the confer­ences.

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