Second workshop with Ukrainian civil servants implemented

Anne Bercio, project leader of “Capacity Building for EU Associ­ation in Ukraine“ at IEP, imple­mented success­fully the second out of six workshops with Ukrainian civil servants. All workshops aim at preparing the partic­i­pants, working in leading positions in federal ministries or offices, to implement the EU-AA/DCFTA effec­tively.

The second workshop took place on 26–27 September in Kyiv and was dedicated to EU reporting and writing. The partic­i­pants were trained individ­ually in how to properly draft reports to the EU in different policy areas. They also learned how to coordinate this process in their offices and will pass on the acquired knowledge to their colleagues. During the workshop, the partic­i­pants were supported by Ms Amina Sisic, an independent Bosnian EU adviser, Ms Ivana Davidovic and Mr Vladimir Medak, both working in the Serbian European Integration Office. In order to learn how the reporting is handled in other associated countries, Ms Davidovic and Mr Medak passed on best-practice experience from Serbia acquired in the Serbian associ­ation process.

The workshops are kindly supported by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Inter­na­tionale Zusam­me­narbeit (GIZ). The next workshop will be on 10–11 October on EU Legal Harmon­i­sation.