Second CiSEP Level B Training “Association Skills” in Kyiv: EU Coordination, Communication and Public Speaking

Commu­ni­cation is not only the exchange of infor­mation and ideas but an important precon­dition for successful coordi­nation and cooper­ation. In the framework of the EU-UA Associ­ation Agreement the civil society is often strug­gling with finding an effective commu­ni­cation strategy towards the citizens on the one hand and the local and/or national author­ities on the other hand.

Therefore, the Level B Training “EU Associ­ation Skills” dedicated its second workshop to “EU Coordi­nation and Commu­ni­cation and English Speaking on EU Associ­ation Matters” which took place from 18–20 December in Kyiv. During the three intense days our expert from Serbia intro­duced our partic­i­pants to the Serbian commu­ni­cation strategy of the government in the SAA process and stressed that trans­parency and access to all important documents were key to the success in commu­ni­cation and collab­o­ration between government and civil society. A sensible connection was made by the expert discus­sions with repre­sen­ta­tives of the GOEEI and the Verkhovna Rada. In particular, the meeting with the repre­sen­ta­tives of the GOEEI was very enlight­ening and illus­trated the impor­tance of trust and openness when it comes to cooper­ating with civil society. The public speaking training focused on speech structure and target audiences. Thus, an important basis for the devel­opment of self-confident commu­ni­cation and presen­tation skills of the partic­i­pants was laid.

Another highlight this time: A joint get-together event with the CiSEP Level B “Intel­lectual Property Rights” fellows and our CiSEP alumnis having Dinner and Christmas Trivia on Orthodox St. Nicholas Day!

The next workshop will be held in Odessa in January and will introduce our fellows to methods and instru­ments of legal harmon­i­sation, focus on monitoring on the local level and deepen the Public Speaking skills.

Institut für Europäische Politik imple­ments this workshop series in cooper­ation with Odessa regional organi­zation of All-Ukrainian NGO “Committee of Voters of Ukraine”. The project is kindly supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.