Second brief in the “IEP Policy Briefs on Enlargement and Neighbourhood” series published

“No membership without stability in Northern Kosovo: Seven recom­men­da­tions on how to achieve it“ is the title of the second policy brief, written by Imke Pente, within the new publi­cation series, “The Trans­for­mative Power of Europe,” published in collab­o­ration with the Kolleg-Forscher­gruppe “The Trans­for­mative Power of Europe.”

Pente, a PhD student at the Berlin Graduate School for Transna­tional Studies, analyses the extra­or­dinary political circum­stances in northern Kosovo. Due to the majority Serb population, the Republic of Serbia claims this territory as its own and has estab­lished Serb admin­is­tra­tions that collide with the building of Kosovo author­ities. A solution for the conflict is decisive for the future progress of EU membership negoti­a­tions both for Serbia and Kosovo. The author proposes seven recom­men­da­tions for the European approach in this conflict, including a special status for the North, a conse­quent appli­cation of condi­tion­ality, and a stronger involvement of the Serb population.