Debate on the Future of the European Union (EU)

The IEP empha­sizes the estab­lishment and devel­opment of a system of rules for European gover­nance (structure, insti­tu­tions and EU treaty reforms). Current reform debates, especially those regarding treaty reforms and long-term trends of European Integration, are analysed and evaluated by inter­dis­ci­plinary means and from many different perspectives.


Future of Europe: Bringing more union into the European Union

Euroscep­ticism, democ­ratic deficit and low electoral turnout are affecting all EU countries. Across the EU, we are witnessing extensive protests or forms of active citizenship, ranging from pro rule of law protests in Romania and Bulgaria, recent anti-populism and pro EU in Germany or anti-austerity movements in Greece. In this context, how can we use most of these civic manifes­ta­tions to debate the future of the EU? These movements require special attention for a proper under­standing of the values their supporters stand for.

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