Developing Scenarios for the Eastern Partnership beyond 2020 at the Regional Synergy Meeting of the Berlin Policy Hub

From 15–17 October 2019, the Berlin Policy Hub hosted its seven partner organ­i­sa­tions from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine for a regional synergy meeting. After several bilateral visits to Berlin, it was the first oppor­tunity for all partner organ­i­sa­tions to meet and exchange with their peers. The purpose of the event was to allow for networking among the partners and to foster regional synergies.

The meeting took off with a 1.5‑day scenario-planning workshop on the future of the Eastern Partnership beyond 2020. The partic­i­pants worked with main drivers that will most likely shape the future of the Eastern Partnership. Particular emphasis was put on crisis & conflicts, prospective devel­op­ments on EU-level, gover­nance and democracy in EaP-countries, the role of Russia as well as the USA. A SWOT-Analysis was conducted to derive lessons for the strategic devel­opment of each organ­i­sation, using their strengths and oppor­tu­nities.

The programme also included a public event on the future of the Eastern Partnership beyond 2020 with working groups composed of peer researchers from Berlin and associated EaP countries (Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia) and comments from the German Federal Foreign Office’s Special Repre­sen­tative for the Eastern Partnership Hans-Jürgen Heimsoeth. The regional synergy meeting concluded with an internal reflection session on the partner organ­i­sa­tions’ activ­ities, sharing experi­ences and identi­fying oppor­tu­nities for future cooper­ation.

The Berlin Policy Hub is part of the “Europeanization beyond Process” initiative supported by the Open Society Founda­tions. The hub estab­lished at IEP strengthens the network of researchers and think tankers from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine with their German counter­parts and offers them oppor­tu­nities to present their expertise and research results in Germany.